1) How do I find out how my child is getting on?
Head to our contact tab and choose text, call, email or Facebook and message us. We will get in touch with the instructor and let you know via text. Instructors can't give feedback whilst lessons are on as it takes their attention away form the lesson, above all else it can be a safety issue.
2) Can we stay and watch?
We have no problem with parents watching for the first and last 5 minutes of the class. This has been in place since the lessons start 37 years ago, we do it for a reason. Having parents watch can be disruptive to the lesson and distract the children.
3) Can we pay online or by card?
We don't take online payments at the moment. On Week 1 and Week 10, there is a card machine that will be there. If you are late paying, or join mid course, we ask you to pay via cash or cheque.
4) Can I change the day and time if I can't make it one week?
Sorry, you pay for the allocated slot, it would be unfair to raise the ratio of another class.
5) How can we contact Andy or Matt?
We can be reached more way than ever. If you are reading this, you can select the contact tab which has various methods- email- sutton@suesswimschool.co.uk, text- 07909685886, call- 07909685886, Facebook- @suesswimschool
6) What age can children start?
Our parent and baby/toddler classes start at 12 months, our main lessons start at 3 y.o and our adults start at 18 y.o.
7) What is a lesson gets cancelled?
As per our T&C's, if a lesson is cancelled for the entire night, that week will be carried over to the next meaning you do not lose any money.
If a lesson is called off part way through the night for any reason, the swimmers affected will receive 1 lesson credit when book on the next course.
8) When do children do badges and what are they?
We run a programme overseen by a governing body for swimming. Badges consist of distance awards and skills based awards. Children can complete a badge on any week, it will usually be toward the end of the course but there may be exceptions. Badges can be collected on Weeks 1, 5 or 10 of a course. We do this to ensure we have them as sometimes deliveries may have missing awards.
9)  What standard do you teach up to?
Advanced groups can achieve their 2000m and survival awards. We also coach competitive strokes, turns and starts technique.
10) What if my child doesn't like it?
We have a very experienced staff that do everything that is needed to make it enjoyable for the little ones. Therefore fees are non-refundable once paid.

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