We get it must be boring stuck at home rather than coming to swimming. Andy and Matt have put together some things you may like to do to keep you busy...and less bored!

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Click the picture to open

the wordsearch.

Email or Facebook them to

us when you have completed

it and we can share it.

Swim in a weird place- Competition

Get your parent or carer to take a picture or film you

swimming in a weird place.


Ask them to email us and we can share it with

everybody. Andy and Matt may even pick a

winner to win a prize!

We will also put it on our social media pages

and maybe even on here!

Design competition

Click on the picture for the design sheets or download

all of them.

Email or Facebook them to us when you have

completed it and we can share it.

Links to cool sites

Ask your parent or carer first, but below are links to some cool

sites you may want to visit.


BBC Bitesize- Years 1 and 2

BBC Bitesize Year 3-6

Twinkl- use code "PARENTSTWINKLHELPS" to access all resources.

Learning Games for Kids

Pictures are for the use of Sue's Swim School and should not be used by other parties.