Your child's Swimming Journey with Sue's Swim School

It can be a daunting prospect sending your child to swimming. Whether it be there first lesson or whether you are moving them from another swim school. Let us show you how we will take the best care of your child and teach them a life skill they really will use for life.

12 months to 3 years

Join us in our Parent and Toddler sessions. Planned and ran by fully accredited and qualified baby and toddler specialists.

We start out children at 6 months, we will guide your little ones through our stages to get them ready for independent lessons.

3 years upward

With our fully qualified staff, join our independent swimmers classes from 3 years old. From beginner swimmers, we work through stages to support and encourage your children.

Your children will swim with an instructor and assistant, all the way to our higher groups where we can work on strokes and stamina.

Lane Swimming

Our Academy classes are for children swimming distances 75m upward. With classes designed to build stamina and stroke improvement, we provide a provision for children swimming up to club standard.

We work on a range of awards such as survival as well as distances ranging up to 2000m.

Junior Lifeguard Academy

For those older children that are looking for something to push themselves and potentially lead in to work in swimming, the S.T.A Junior Lifeguard is the ideal opportunity for them to branch into an area that they will not only teach them skills and strategies for lifesaving but also give them a good standing in they are looking to work in the swimming industry.


Our instructors will be there to guide you from a beginner standard for swimmers new to the pool, all the way to a training standard for those looking to improve their fitness.


Pre-School Programme

12 months to 24months (Tadpoles)- Our first step is from 12 months. We teach the adults and children how to start to move in the pool. With an link for every activity to work toward the Starfish Awards, we build confidence and ability through the year. 

This is an ideal start to move to our 2nd stage- Frogs

24months to 36months (Frogs)- We continue to build on safety and strokes. We promote independence in the children to really get them off to the best start for out 3+ classes. If your child is 2 and hasn't really swam before, this is also a good class to start them in on their swimming journey.

3+ Programme

Beginner- this is for children new to independent swimming. In this group you will find a swimming instructor and assistant in the water. Our instructors are fully qualified and the pool assistants are future instructors that are a part of our instructor programme.

Beginner+ - this group is for children that are more confident that the beginners and have the fundamental skills and confidence of independent swimming. You will find an instructor in the water during these lessons.

Improvers-  this group is for children can can swim independently without a teacher in the water. This group is where more specific stroke work is practiced as well as water safety and skills.

Top- this group is found at the top end of the pool. This is for children that swim independently and confidently. They are proficient in at least 20m of independent swimming.

Lane- we have 3 lane standards. The lanes are for children that swim 50m up to 800m. We focuses on everything from stroke proficiency to stamina training in the higher lanes.

Rookie- this is our Rookie Lifeguard group. This is a mixture or both stamina training and life saving skills. We work through the RLSS Rookie Lifeguard  system.