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Holiday Dates
Our courses work on 10 week cycles and we operate during term time (schools). Whichever week number you break up on, when you return it will be the next week number.
For example, Break up on Week 4, it will be week 5 when you return.

ALL POOLS- we break up July 21st. We will return September- date to be confirmed by the schools. Please see below for your last week before we break up.

Cardinal Wiseman

Mon- 19/7- Week 3
Tue- 20/7- Week 7
Wed- 21/7- Week 10
Thu- 15/7- Week 7
Fri- 16/7- Week 6
Sat- 17/7- Week 1
Sun- 18/7- Week 3

Whitehouse Common
Wed- 21/7- Week 9- UPDATED
Thu- 15/7- Week 8
Sun- 18/7- Week 5- UPDATED

Mon- 19/7- Week 5
Tue- 20/7- Week 2- UPDATED
Sat- 10/7- Week 1- UPDATED

We will show Sept 2021- July 2022 when published by the council